Math. BBB Case Study
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The top educational organization for the largest software in the world asked Math. to create a digital brand for their online and event activations.

Client Brief

" SAP Insider came to us to be a strategic design partner in their strategic plan for 2022-2023. They wanted someone who could focus on a digital experience with the brand for online and offline work."


Sketch 1

We created typogrphic templates for their introductions

Sketch 2

By creating a simple overlay, we bridged the gap in branding.

Sketch 3

Everyday objects in education laid the platform of our 3D.

Agency Response

Math. crafted SAP Insider’s conference coverage into branded educational content that enhanced their event’s digital experience.

We also seamlessly conveyed the high-level SaaS product knowledge and expertise that their attendees bring and that their conference is known for, in engaging TED Talk-like formats.

Skills & Tags

  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Consumer Engagement
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