Math. Productions

we deal in design arithmetic.

A full service production house that helps tell stories.

Who we are.

Math. is a digital think tank that specializes in design and usability. We combine effective strategy, best-in-class user experience, stunning visual design, and efficient front-end development to deliver real results.

What we do.

Math. is a team of creative problem solvers work together to create solutions across all forms of traditional and digital media. We do it all, from video production to annual reports and brand creation.

How do we do it?

We are an open source agency, a team that comes together with an array of talents and skills to organize and accomplish great things. We work in person or remotely with our clients.

Why we do it.

Good ideas and things don't just happen. At some point in its creation, it was by design—bottom-up or top-down. We know a strong brand leads to strong outcomes.

Since When.

Since 2008 under a few rebrands. Merge of Maximum,, GLDFNK and 3rd World Design to name a few.

Who we are.

Abadeu Madyun
Ciara Calbert
Chadd Mason
and More.

Building a symbol of trust and accountability in business that is one of the most recognized and respected of our time (with over 5 billion impressions)
Project Title

with Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Helping Grammy winning Solanage promote and document the launch day for her record label, Saint Records.
Project Title

with Solange, Saint Heron

Helping families reduce their risk for Type 2 Diabetes
Project Title

with American Diabetes Association, Project Power

Creating community for leaders managing some of the most critical tech functions in business
Project Title

with SAP Insider

The Town of Cheverly asked Math to help them solve a transition corner on the outside of town.
Project Title

with the Town of Cheverly, MD.

Sowing seeds of social change and solving for how to bring agriculture to food desert communities
Project Title

with Black Nickel

Empowering girls in the Washington, DC region to live their best lives and be Strong, Smart and Bold
Project Title

with Girls Inc.

Elevating the HR profession and going viral while we do it—every year for nearly 10 years
Project Title

with Society for Human Resource Management, Annual Conference & Expo

3D everyday for over 100 days. Inspired by the famous beeple. We crafted works once a day from the studio
Project Title

with GLDFNK™

Supercharge Your Brand

Unlock the full potential of your brand with our expert-driven strategies and innovative solutions. Let's craft a unique identity that stands out in the digital world.

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Solve the Branding Formula

Equation of Branding

Welcome to the realm of Identity, where we decode the essence of branding, strategy, and consulting. Our team, much like mathematical constants, works synergistically to architect a distinctive brand identity that aligns with your audience and differentiates your venture. We delve deep into your values, goals, and narrative to synthesize a coherent brand strategy that fuels advancement.

Crafting Concepts with Precision

Creative Calculus.

Enroll in our Creative domain, where innovation flourishes across films, design, writing, and photography. Much like solving complex equations, our team of creatives brings ideas to life, infusing innovation and zeal into every project. With fervor and creativity as our constants, we craft your narratives with unmatched artistry.

Revolutionizing Digital Solutions

Develop Innovative Solutions.

Embrace the Develop sphere, where Apps, Augmented Reality (AR), and web development thrive. Just as mathematicians pioneer new theorems, our skilled developers engineer user-centric solutions that captivate and immerse. Watch as your digital dreams transform into reality, guided by our meticulous developers who redefine the limits of innovation..

What Our Clients Say

"This team transformed our brand's presence. Highly recommend their strategy sessions!"

- Client A, Company A

"The creativity and dedication from this group have been a game-changer for us."

- Client B, Company B

"Innovative solutions and a deep understanding of branding. Truly impressive results."

- Client C, Company C